6 Inspirational People Who Have Overcome Disabilities

6 inspirational people with disabilities

Living with disabilities is challenging and often discouraging when it seems a “normal” life is not possible. However, personal disabilities can be a catalyst to fuel a more spectacular life, if a hopeful attitude combined with purposeful living is adopted. Spotlight on Inspirational People with Disabilities Here’s 6 true stories of real people who have […]

Accessible Bathrooms: Video Tours of Wheelchair Bathrooms for the Home

accessible bathroom video tour

Accessible bathrooms for the physically challenged should be safe, comfortable, and personally customized in any home setting. Check out these brief video tours for great design ideas. Building accessible bathrooms for homes should be more than just following a typical institutional-looking floor plan, since a residential wheelchair accessible bathroom should not only be highly functional, […]

Handicap Grab Bars: Types and Placement for Bathroom Safety

handicap grab bars

Handicap grab bars are some of the most important safety accessories for any accessible bathroom. Use this basic guide to help you select some of the most important safety handicap bathroom accessories for your disabled bathroom at home. Whether you are disabled, elderly, or simply safety-conscious, you may be considering having handicap grab bars installed […]

Elderly Bathroom: 10 Important Tips for Bathroom Safety

elderly bathroom safety

Creating a safe, elderly bathroom is dependent on providing the best in bathroom safety equipment and in adhering to good design elements.  The combination of tile or some other type of smooth, hard surface, along with water and electricity, make the bathroom the most dangerous room in the house. In fact, seniors and the elderly are […]

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